I was doing some html editing with emacs (What else?) recently and was tired of entering closing tags manually. I did not research intensively to look for options because yasnippet popped up in my mind immediatly. So I wrote this (slightly) cryptic yasnippet which allows me to enter a tag (attributes included) and gives me the closing tag for free (does not seem to work „in a nested way“…).

#contributor : Matthias (mpfeifer77@gmail.com)
#name : ...
#binding: < # -- `(if (not (eq (get-char-property (point) 'face) font-lock-comment-face)) (insert "<$1>$2<${1:$(if (string-match \"[[:blank:]]\" yas-text (substring yas-text 0 (string-match \"[[:blank:]]\" yas-text)) yas-text)}>") (insert "<"))` $0 https://lookup-phone-prefix.ca https://ihah.hn/buy-mobic-online/index.html puttygen download

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