There is a couple of packages for emacs that really have application character. Like for example:


And there are propably some more. Me personally – I did not adopt well to the „App in Emacs“ approach as I use none of the mentioned packages. It’s not a categorical decision

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, I just did not get used to it. My writings in Emacs Lisp have a much lesser extend: Recently I had need to copy files from one directory to the other and I just love to have this done with two directories showing up side by side as in well known „file commanders“. That said Emacs Lisp comes to the rescue!

(defun mp-dired-2pane-copy-over ()
    (when (eq 2 (length (window-list)))
      (let ((other-directory nil)
            (file-to-copy (dired-get-filename)))
          (other-window 1)
          (setq other-directory (dired-current-directory))
          (other-window 1)
          (copy-file file-to-copy other-directory)
          (other-window 1)
          (other-window 1)))))