Command Description
svn cat -r 1234 path/to/file | less View file from specific revision
svn update -r 1234 path/to/file Update file to some older revision
svn checkout svn://host/path/to/repo Check out a repository
svn commit some/file.cpp -m „Changes!“ Push changes into the central repository
svn update Pull updates from the central repository into the working copy
svn merge -rstart:end svn://host/branch/to/merge Merge changes from revsion start to end (eg HEAD) into current branch.
svn resolved path/to/file/under/svn/vc Mark merge conflict as resolved


Command Description
rpm2cpio package.rpm | cpio -idmv View package files
rpm -ivh file.rpm Install package file.rpm

  • -i install
  • -v verbose output
  • -h print progress indicator
rpm -qa –last List installed packages. Most recently installed first.
rpm -qi package Print information about installed package
rpm -ql package List files belonging to package
rpm -qf /path/to/some/file Find the package that provides file

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